Friday, January 21, 2005

Dirty Secrets

I'm trying something new here.

Every Friday I will provide, free of charge, an outlet for you to dump your trash know, anything over the course of the week that made you feel ashamed of yourself, guilty, disgusting, get the idea. This way, you are able to clean house, clear your conscience and at the same time I'm able to feel better about myself when I realize that I am in fact a better person than you are. Feel free to post anon, if you must, but be assured that I will most likely know who you are anyway because that is just one of my many secret super powers. I'll go first:

*I ate a big, juicy, greasy piece of fried chicken for lunch and washed it down with the new Entenmann's Milk Chocolatey donut.

*I dressed extra cute today and wore lipstick because I knew I would see my kid's P.E. teacher today...I just wanna know why I never had a P.E. teacher that looked like this guy. He's really, really tall, longish, wavy hair, nice, ahem, body, very, very young (yeah, I know to young for me anyhow), shy eyes, and has the most wicked, sweet, sexy smile that I have ever seen.

*I blogged when I shoulda been studying

*Someone asked how old I was, "late twenties, right?" Without missing a beat, I said, "Wow, you're good!"

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be reading Coleridge right now. Time to redeem myself.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


What are the things that you cannot live without? What means the world to you? What makes you feel alive? You wouldn't trade *insert your response here*

Things money *can* buy you and are worth every last penny:

*Snuggly soft flannel sheets
*That one favorite mug that you want to wrap both hands around and sip your hot tea from
*Big, fluffy bath *sheets*.... a towel is just.not.the.same
*Parchment paper for baking and for roasting veggies
*Expensive chocolate
*Gourmet popcorn and a hot air popper
*Yummy, crusty bread--I like rosemary, olive oil and garlic
*Homemade pizza dough
*Body scrubs that smell good enough to eat
*Ditto with candles...Bath & Body works has a mint chocolate chip candle that is to die for
*400 plus thread count sheets to dress your bed in when it's time to pack away the beloved flannel
*Linen Water
*A beautiful journal
*Good music
*Books that move you
*A perfect lipstick shade
*A deluxe pedicure with a paraffin dip
*Sexy underwear
*Black and white photo's of your favorite people, places, adventures, captured candids
*A favorite pair of jeans
*A vacation

Things money *can't* buy or wonderfully free, free, free stuff:

*True, heartbreaking, tender, sweet love
*A breathtaking view of the mountains, the ocean, the skyline, etc
*A quiet, get lost in your thoughts, foggy morning on the beach
*Your childs arms wrapped around your neck, whispering, i love you, mommy
*Waking next to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
*Falling hopelessly, head over heels in love
*Watching your children sleep
*Seeing the world through your children's eyes
*Getting so lost, so caught up in a good read
*There is no other joy in this world than that of the first time you hear your baby's cry
*Nothing like the smell of a baby's sweet head
*Cuddles, snuggles, hugs, kisses...
*Laughter, silliness, smiles,
*Inside jokes
*A mutually shared, longing look from across the room
*A hike in the mountains
*A film that makes you laugh out loud, brings you to tears, changes your mind...
*That old book smell
*Love letters
*The way your heart beats faster when he/she walks into the room
*Your baby's tiny hand resting on your breast, looking up into your eyes while she nurses
*A walk in the rain
*The smell of a campfire
*Your baby's first wobbly steps, first "real" smile, first laugh
*Tears of joy
*A heartbreaking goodbye
*That lump you get in your throat before telling someone that you love them
*Compassion, understanding, empathy, tenderness, sensitivity, sympathy....
*Holding hands
*Sunshine warming your skin
*Running through a sprinkler
*Seeing a rainbow
*A wish come true