Friday, December 03, 2004

Good Tom, Bad Tom

I know, I know, Thanksgiving has come and gone but I'm just now getting around to spilling the details of how the girls and I shared our first holiday sans a daddy. We skipped the official Thanksgiving holiday and opted to eat out at one of the only restaurants that was open followed by going to see The Polar Express. I loved it and it even kept the attention of my four year old (without the usual bribes of lots of chocolate and way too much soda) who almost always asks to ditch a movie less than half way through. My twelve year old pretended to think it was lame but I could so totally tell that she secretly loved it as well.

Afterwards, we came home late that night and put up our Christmas tree. Sometimes I don't recognize this new me....this calm, serene, go with the flow me. I unwrapped each ornament, each one with a story, and let the girls decorate the tree all on their own. In the past I would have felt the need to direct, to make suggestions as to how everything should be placed on the branches, to have a "picture perfect" holiday centerpiece. Turns out that I didn't need to orchestrate after all, the tree is gorgeous!

On Friday, we invited the girl's Aunties over and we feasted on turkey, roasted veggies, smashed potatoes, and the best apple pie I have ever baked. While in the midst of dinner, our door bell rang and I was met with a gigantious, gorgeous bouquet of two dozen long stemmed red roses. Seems someone out there is thankful for me. No, you can't read the card! I didn't let my dinner guests and I'm just superstitious enough not to want to jinx anything by making predictions right's just too soon to tell. Still reeling and weak in the knees from the totally unexpected delivery of such a gift, we headed out to see K perform in the stage production of A Christmas Story. The play was awesome and I loved seeing my little one's eyes light up when magical snow began to fall inside the theatre.

Later, after my chicklets were tucked snuggly in their beds, I watched The Terminal. It really didn't rock my world, but I didn't hate it either. I guess I like me some computer generated Tom Hanks over a strangely accented Tom Hanks stumbling all over Catherine Zeta Jones.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm a girl who has lots to be thankful for, not the least being the wonderful circle of friends I have and the writers out in blog land who inspire me, make me laugh, and are keepin it real. Rock on!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Lu! I let the girls do our tree this year, too, and just enjoyed watching them do it. Looks great to me.
Okay, your tease about the flower delivery was almost too much for me bear; I'll be watching your blog on a regular basis for more!
Stephanie C.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Well, I know those flowers weren't a thank you gift from your teacher because she loved your essay on Poe so much. Hee!

Your holiday sounds like it was wonderful. You are truly one of the "thankful" people in my life- love you my friend!

9:08 PM  
Blogger quit_looking_at_me said...

Mom you do know I still read your blog, I know your jelous mine is better, that's why you don't read mine, heehee just kidding..MOTHER I HATED THAT MOVIE:| If I had to go out of my way to pretend a christmas movie was "lame" (lol I haven't used that word since second grade) I wouldn't waste my time, it was cheesy. Oh wow stupid boy stops believing gets on a bus with nerdy kids gets a dumb bell from santa and then gets all happy cuz he can hear it..everyone can hear a bell..unless they are deaf. Sorry mom but i didn't liek that movie and PUHLEESE stop saying "LAME" :) luv u:)

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:31 PM  
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