Thursday, November 18, 2004

Stuff that made me smile....

*During the journey from school to home, my two girls in unison no less, "what's for dinner?" followed by the collective "EWWW!" I'm telling you these girls are talented.

*From a girl who sits behind me in Lit class, "Is that your real hair color? Cuz if it is, I am sooo jealous. I have always meant to tell you that I think it's really beautiful" It does a girl good to get a compliment now and again.

*From my four year old, just one of those out of the blue, for no apparent reason comments, "Mommy, I love our family"

*My god-how-did-I-get-so-lucky friend who chiseled out a couple of hours to talk with me long distance on how to revise my sorry ass paper for Lit class....I adore you!

*A long forgotten bag of caramels discovered in the back of the pantry

*My hilarious as she is wise 12 yr old who makes me laugh so hard I cry

*My discovery that flour tortillas, a can of vegetarian refried beans, some mild enchilada sauce and some shredded white cheddar make for a cheap and easy meal.

*Gas prices *were* down by almost .30 from the previous week

*Opening night of K's play. She was perfect!! She worked long and hard for the past three months and it really payed off.


Blogger Philip said...

Those are great. You've been in a great mood lately. Hope this week finds you similarly blessed of sweet spirits . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

3:19 PM  

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